Italian Villa Inspired Dining Room
Antiqued sconces and chandalier
Time: 1 days

The sconses and chandalier arrived from the manufacturer with a white wash antiquing over the gold tone. This made them appear brassy against the mustard toned wall paint. To correct this for the client I rubbed a dark umber oil glaze over them to heighten their contrast from the wall color. This warmed and mellowed the gold tones, eliminating all "brassy-ness."

To give the chandalier more presence the client had a faux-plaster molded medallion affixed to the ceiling. The chandelier appears to hang from the center. Such molded medallions come in white from the manufacturer. The white medallion in this case visually disappeared into the white of hte ceiling. To give it more emphasis and to make it seem to be an integral part of the chandalier, I painted it to match the metal, complete with antiquing. I had to mix several metallics to match the tone and sheen.

This job was done simultaneously with the Tuscany Landscape Oven Hood. The light fixtures were painted while working on the oven hood due to layers & dry time. The 1 day time does not include dry time while I worked on the oven hood.

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