Child's Prayer Border Nursery
Nursery mural

This soon-to-be mommy really knew what she wanted, but she also enjoyed surprises (such as the gender of the baby on the way)! She had seen an image in a magazine of a very whimsical tree and had to have it. She and I worked out a composition of the elements she wanted and I helped her choose a soft sky blue for the base coat color. She wanted gently faded clouds, a stenciled fence, and portraiture of her boxer "Brody." She also asked for flowers, colorful hot air balloons, and the bluebird's nest with mommy looking over her eggs. I suggested the biplane and the mousey hot air balloon pilot.

As the mural progressed she and her husband requested the written prayer be added as the border around the room. It reads, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Guide me safely though the night and wake me with the morning light." Other fun finds in the mural include a froggy eying-up a grasshopper, a snail under mushrooms, and other little buggies, violets, and daffodils and a butterfly bush. As a goof, one of the balloons is the Sherwin Williams logo. The landscaping of the room was inspired by the charming gardens outside, planted by the client's husband, a landscape architect.

A couple of side notes that made my day: my client emailed a photo of painted "Brody" to a friend, who thought it was a great shot of the dog. Then she did a double-take when she saw the next photo of Brody sitting next to himself!

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