“Prints” on Faux Parchment Walls
Parchment walls
Time: 5˝ days

This room is a 13 year old boy's bed room. I took my inspiration from his interest in the history and mythology behind the Harry Potter series. He was also intrigued by Davinci's backward writing and his scientific explorations. Instead of paintings, he prefers lithographs, ink drawings, and etchings. To capture the sense of mystery and discovery, I painted the walls to look like very aged parchment paper. This ragged finish was double layered at the outer edges to emulate hundreds of years of handling and aging, as seen on treasure maps. The entire room has the parchment finish.

The center represents the science of Leonardo Da Vinci's ink drawings. The image "Anatomy of man" (with a leaf added) is complete with the backwards writing.

The drawing on the right shows the Egyptian Sphinx, set into a circle to match the format of the other drawings, with the sense of sun rays coming out of it. Starting clockwise from the top, the symbols are: the scarab beetle, a sun worship symbol; the Ankh, the symbol of life; the Chiromancy or Palmistry hand, with ancient origins in Egypt and India; the Manticore, a mythical creature of Persia; and the Eye of Ra.

The leftmost image is the Chinese Sun dragon, surrounded by Chinese characters. I made the outer symbols more subtle than the central work by burying them under a layer of glaze.

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